Our Services

Our Services

Mwananyamala Regional Referral Hospital is mandated with the provision of specialized services, provision of a wide range of technical and administrative support, education and training for lower level facilities.

We strive to maintain quality of care and management of both general and specialised clinical services including ensuring adequate skilled Human Resources for Health as per established staffing levels, modern medical equipment and infrastructure. 

The hospital provides three major categories of services including Clinical services, Support services, and Research and training services.

Clinical Services

Curative services

Outpatient service

Inpatient service

Emergency/Casualty services

Diagnostic services (Laboratory, radiology and imaging)

Pharmaceutical supply services

Internal medicine


Obstetrics and Gynecology


Orthopedic, physiotherapy


Mental health

Oral health



Health promotion and disease prevention

Health education

Environmental Health

Rehabilitation and Maintenance of patients with chronic illnesses

Support services

Support service within the hospital

Mortuary services

Periodic Preventive Maintenance

Administration, Accounts and stores

Medical record and hospital information system

Information and Communication Technology

Public relations and customer services


Catering services



Social Welfare

Support services outside the hospital

Clinical mentoring

Supportive supervision of districts in collaboration with Regional and Distric Health Management Teams

Mobile and Outreach services

Social Welfare